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Pp Woven Fabric, Woven Polypropylene Bags

For many years, we have been making and providing fertiliser packing bags, and we offer a variety of bags to fulfil the needs of our clients.

These fertiliser bags are made of plastic, burlap, cotton, or another material and are large enough for you to print and/or

Fertilizer Bags
Woven Polypropylene Bags to your custom fertiliser packing.

A single loop with a liner is sewed into our fertiliser bags. They're made specifically for filling fertiliser and other powder-based goods to keep air and moisture out.

Fertilizers, fruit, and chemicals come in a variety of container solutions. Our bags are used to transport fertiliser from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption.

  1. As manufacturers, Pp Woven Fabric and exporters of fertiliser packing bags, we are the market leaders. When packing, it ensures complete security.
  2. Fertilizer packing bag expert for the company. We have a large selection of bags to choose from.
  3. Our bags are manufactured of seamless circular polypropylene, which is strong, long-lasting, and adaptable.
  4. For the fertiliser sector, we have a large selection of bags. A range of fertilisers and chemicals, such as magnesium, are included in our bags. Contact us for more information!
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